Ardent SUV RX706

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Meet this all terrain tire, your year round road companion that's as versatile as your favorite playlist. Designed for peak use, rain or shine, it's like having a confident dance partner. So, whether you're chasing sunsets or navigating rain soaked terrains, the Ardent SUV RX706 has your back with a harmonious blend of grip, control, and comfort. Also, it goes on passenger vehicles and SUVs.

Thus, one of the many features that are found on the Ardent SUV RX706 is the 3D sipe elements. They enhance braking performance, helping you come to a stop more securely, even on wet or snowy surfaces. Also, the 3D sipes are tiny cuts in the tire's surface that improve its hold on the road, especially during turns or on slippery terrain. Moreover, the special tread design helps the Ardent SUV RX706 last longer, so you don't have to replace it as often. This design works well in various weather conditions, so you don't need to change tires when the seasons shift.

Equally important, the modern shoulders help you turn more efficiently and safely, so you can navigate corners with confidence. These shoulders keep your car steady on the road, making your drive smoother and more comfortable. And, the natural rubber compound protects the body of the Ardent RX706 from incoming damage. This way, the model has extended tire life. Adding to this, the wide grooves throw away water and reduce the risk of sliding. Finally, the available sizes on the US market come in a 16'' rim diameter.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent all season, all terrain tire for SUVs and light trucks.
  • Special tread pattern allows for better traction on wet, snowy, or simply dry courses.
  • Wide grooves throw away water and reduce the risk of sliding.
  • Smart sipe placement promotes better surface contact at all costs.
  • Modern shoulders help with control when braking, accelerating, or when cornering.
  • Natural rubber compound offers protection from incoming damage.
Technical specs
Mileage Warranty 45000
Load Index 122/119
Sidewall BLK
Part Number 57156

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