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Embark on a great journey with the new AVON 3D Supersport. An excellent motorcycle tire, made for hypersport applications. Defying the boundaries of performance, this great product gives passion for speed. With each curve and corner, the Avon 3D Supersport offers the best traction, stability, and grip. So, let this tire be your best friend when going on a racetrack, or simply on the open road. Also, it is very important to mention that the rear wheel is slightly bigger in size than the front one.

Firstly, the key technologies used in the Avon 3D Supersport are characterized by three parts that make the sports motorcycle what it is. It has an optimized tread design that gives contact with the road surface, offering great traction and grip at the maximum speed of 168 mph. This is vital during aggressive cornering, rapid acceleration, and hard braking, as it allows the motorcycle to maintain control, even under high speed turns. Then, the modern rubber compound withstands heat, reducing the risk of tire damage, and ensuring durability with performance even under demanding conditions.

Secondly, the smart channel placement allows for better water throwing. This way, the driving experience becomes safer as these channels reduce the sliding distance. Moreover, the sidewall enhances the tire's ability to resist impacts and debris. This helps prevent damage and punctures, which are vital for maintaining ride continuity during high speed riding. Equally important, the internal construction offers durability and better handling under load pressure. Finally, the available sizes on the US market come in a 17'' rim diameter.

Features and benefits

  • Amazing sports motorcycle tire with stylish design.
  • Optimized tread pattern works as best as it can to improve performance.
  • Modern rubber compound extends the life of the tire.
  • Wide channels throw away water and reduce the risk of sliding.
  • Special sidewall design withstands impacts from debris and punctures.

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