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Prepare to rev up your engines and embrace the feeling of high speed riding with the ultra high performance Avon Spirit ST. This great motorcycle tire is made for adventurers who want to feel the rush of the wind. Whether you are tearing up the racetrack or conquering winding roads, this model is your ultimate companion. It offers unbeatable traction, stability, and responsiveness. Thus, get ready to push your limits and meet the full potential of speed. Also, the Avon Spirit ST goes on the front and rear wheels.

Firstly, the channels around the tread area play a crucial role in enhancing safety, especially during aggressive turns and at high speed (maximum 169 mph). They throw away water during wet weather conditions. As the tire moves over a wet surface, these channels act like drainage paths, allowing it to escape from under the tire. This reduces the sliding distance and improves traction. Moreover, this model is designed to reach its optimal operating temperature quickly. The modern rubber compound aids in reducing warm up time, ensuring that the tire delivers peak performance from the moment the ride begins.

Secondly, the precise handling and stability come from the special tread design. It enables the Avon Spirit ST to respond swiftly to rider inputs. This offers the necessary confidence to navigate curves with precision. Equally important, the sidewall protects the lateral part from scrubbing, while the internal casing protects the body from punctures. Finally, if you want to purchase this model, note that the available sizes on the US market start from 16'' and go up to 19'' rim diameters.

Features and benefits

  • Ultra high performance tire with stylish design and excellent performance.
  • Modern rubber compound maintains an optimal temperature.
  • Special tread design assures the necessary contact of the rubber with the road.
  • Wide channels throw away water and reduce the risk of sliding.
  • Resistant internal build protects the body from incoming damage and punctures.
  • Unique sidewall pattern makes the overall look more beautiful.

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