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Whether you're a seasoned sports bike enthusiast or a newcomer, the Avon Trailrider will take your riding experience to new heights. Unleash the full potential of your sports bike with this cutting edge tire, and let the adventure begin. Also, it goes on the front and rear wheels.

Firstly, the modern tread design on the Avon Trailrider serves many important roles to enhance the tire's performance and safety. The tread design is the pattern of grooves and channels on the surface of the tire that comes into contact with the road. It is made for various road conditions, riding styles, and weather conditions. For sports bike tires, this type of tread design focuses on providing the best grip and handling options. Equally important, the wide channels increase the area of water throwing. As a result, they reduce the risk of sliding and make the experience safer.

Secondly, the natural rubber compound helps reduce vibrations and impacts from uneven road surfaces. This contributes to a more comfortable and smoother result, even during long distance rides or rough roads. Adding to this, the sidewalls contribute to the Avon Trailrider's overall flexibility, allowing it to adapt to changes in surface and riding conditions. This flexibility enhances the tire's responsiveness, even at the maximum speed of 168 mph. The sidewalls also withstand pressure, such as lateral forces during cornering. Finally, the available sizes of the Avon Trailrider on the US market start with 17'', then finish with 21'' rim diameters.

Features and benefits

  • Premium sports bike tire with excellent performance.
  • Special tread design maintains rubber contact with the road at all costs.
  • Natural rubber compound offers protection against incoming punctures.
  • Unique sidewalls assure increased control in corners.
  • Wide channels throw away water and reduce the risk of sliding.
  • Optimized internal build extends the overall life of the tire.

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