BFGoodrich 10R22.5 G ST230


All we know that the most important tire on the truck is steer position tires. These perform and influence the handling and ride comfort. In general, steer axle tires present a ribbed tread design responsible to allow a rapid channel of water away from the tire.

BFGoodrich ST230 is a fuel efficient all position tire recommended for steer axles, but acceptable for drive and trailer services. It comes with a SmartWay Verified compound shaped into a five rib tread pattern. Wide and closed shoulder ribs resist abnormal wear, while robust sidewalls protect against road impacts like bumps and bruises. Another role of closed design is to handle lateral forces generated in corners. This model stands out with around 2,000 miniature tread sipes that resist irregular wear and aquaplaning in high scrub environments. Due to a wide and optimized contact footprint, the ride becomes smooth and comfortable. Best of all, BFGoodrich's engineers use a legendary all steel construction to ensure multiple retreads for minimal annual costs.

In conclusion, we can say for sure, that BFGoodrich ST230 is the best steer position tire for many coaches/buses, 18 wheelers, and box trucks with 10R22.5, and 315/80R22.5 sizes. Using this model on your vehicle shows a controlled in and out of the urban along with high resistance to curb and road damages offering a smooth wearing at the same time.

Features and benefits

  • Premium quality all position tire recommended for steer service.
  • Optimized pattern for steer applications provides long tread wear and responsive handling.
  • Around 2,000 sipes combined with four zigzag circumferential grooves allow rapid water channels for a confident road grip.
  • 17/32" deep tread ensures slow wearing for extra mileage.
  • Available in the most popular sizes with the purpose to cover a wide range of trucks and applications.
  • Durable casing construction provides up to 9,090lbs maximum load.
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Sidewall BSW
Rim Size 22.5
Width(inches) 10
Overall Diameter 39.8
Load Rating 141/139
Speed Rating L
ply Rating 14
Load Capacity Single 5675
Load Capacity Dual 5355
Max Inflation Pressure 115
Weight 94.6
Approved Rim Width 6.75, 8.25
Measuring Rim Width 7.5
Overall Width 10
Tread Depth 17
Static Loaded Radius 18.6
Minimum Dual Spacing 11.4
Revolutions Per Mile 521
Model Name ST230

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