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When it comes to ensuring a bountiful harvest in wet terrains, the choice of the right tractor tires is a strategic decision that empowers farmers to tackle the challenges of waterlogged fields effectively. For example, the BKT Agrimax Elos is a tractor tire designed to handle wet and moist terrains such as paddy fields or marshes.

To kick things off, the BKT Agrimax Elos comes with a very aggressive tread pattern that ensures the needed traction and stability for such terrains. Its directional lug placement bites into the soil with ease, confidently propelling the tractor forward without damaging the crops. Moreover, the overlap design adds more balance and improves steering accuracy to help you easily navigate moist environments. Besides, the high void ratio leaves room for water and mud to evacuate, keeping the footprint clean to avoid clogging.

What's more, the rounded open shoulders apply a gentle touch, thus protecting the crops and minimizing soil impact. The reinforced sidewalls of the BKT Agrimax Elos upgrade the load capacity, allowing for up to 16,500 lbs per single tire, depending on the size. They also offer protection from lateral impacts to prevent costly downtimes and keep productivity high. A tough rubber compound resists the wear and tear of long work hours, ensuring an extended service life. In addition, it lowers the rolling resistance to keep the fuel usage low. Finally, this model is available in many sizes with wheel diameters ranging from 28" to 46".

Features and benefits

  • Special tractor tire designed for moist terrain farming operations.
  • Directional tread pattern with blocks offers great traction and stability.
  • Rounded shoulder edges protect the crops and soil from crushing by applying a gentle touch.
  • High void ratio keeps the patch clean of water and mud for maximum control and safety.
  • Modern rubber compound resists wear and tear while improving fuel efficiency.
  • Durable sidewalls upgrade the load capacity and shield the rim from damage.

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