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Meet the BKT AT 108 - your next companion for ATV adventures. This model is an excellent choice if you are looking for versatility. Its smart tread pattern combined with a robust structure can handle all terrain conditions without problems. Be it on or off the road, the AT 108 ensures comfort and reliability.

Starting off, this model features a wide footprint that maximizes surface contact, regardless of conditions. The unique tread pattern with angled lugs in the middle provides superior traction and stability all the time. Moreover, the smaller blocks create extra biting edges with the ground to raise grip and boost handling accuracy. This way, you can safely steer the ATV, even when speeding. Next, the open shoulders offer extra lateral traction, making it easier to take sharp turns. A smart sipe placement on the lateral blocks combats heat buildup and improves balance on tricky terrains.

In addition, the BKT AT 108 benefits from a high void ratio that evacuates debris and mud from the footprint. This reduces the chances of slipping or clogging in harsh conditions, ensuring a safe and pleasant ride. Its reinforced sidewalls protect the rim from lateral impacts to avoid damage and downtime. Moreover, the sidewalls absorb bumps and vibrations, thus upgrading your ride's comfort levels. A complex rubber compound minimizes chip and cut damage while lowering fuel usage by improving the rolling resistance. What's more, the tubeless build boosts flotation by reducing tire weight and holds a tight wheel fit to prevent pressure loss. Lastly, this model is available on the market in well known sizes with rim diameters ranging between 8" and 12".

Features and benefits

  • Trusty ATV tire engineered for all terrain applications.
  • Wide footprint with a directional tread pattern maximizes surface grip and traction.
  • High void ratio reduces the chances of slipping by evacuating mud and debris.
  • Open shoulders with innovative sipes increase lateral grip and boost handling accuracy.
  • Robust sidewalls increase ride comfort and protect the rim from impacts.
  • New rubber compound lowers fuel usage and minimizes wear for longevity.

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