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BKT is one of the most trusted tire brands in the agricultural industry, helping millions of farmers accomplish their tasks safely and productively. Meet the AW 702 - a high quality tire designed for trailers, balers, and other implement machinery involved in soil tillage and haulage jobs.

Firstly, the BKT AW 702 has a ribbed tread pattern that ensures high stability and steering accuracy. The zig zag center ribs make sure the trailer follows the towing vehicle precisely, preventing any problems. Besides, four zig zag grooves expel water and mud from the patch, thus raising safety. They reduce the risks of clogging or slipping in harsh conditions, keeping you in control at all times. Also, the aggressive open shoulders improve the cornering stability, making it easier to take sharp turns. Further, they promote regular wear and add extra lateral grip for more productivity. The notches on the shoulder blocks create additional biting edges that enhance lateral traction.

Moreover, the BKT AW 702 benefits from rounded sidewalls that protect the rim from impacts, avoiding abrasions and punctures. What's more, the tire's new rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance, improving fuel efficiency. Thanks to its state of the art technology, the rubber formula resists constant wear and tear, ensuring a long service life. With a tough structure, a single tire can handle up to 10,030 lbs, depending on size. Also, this model is available in both tubeless and tube type build options for more versatility. It is important to mention that it can be found in different versions to meet specific demands:

  • Higher puncture resistance - the "aramid belted" version;
  • Stronger chip and cut durability - the "HD" version;
  • Superior stubble toughness- the "special" version.

Lastly, the BKT AW 702 is available in many sizes with rim diameters ranging between 12" and 18".

Features and benefits

  • Versatile agricultural tire designed for balers, trailers, and other implements.
  • Innovative tread pattern with ribs and blocks offers excellent traction and stability.
  • Optimized groove design boosts self cleaning for maximum safety in harsh conditions.
  • Robust sidewalls upgrade the load capacity and shield the rim from damage.
  • New rubber compound minimizes wear and reduces fuel usage.
  • Available in different versions to suit a wider range of customer needs.

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