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In the evolving field of agriculture, where efficiency leads to success, the significance of the right agricultural tires can't be overlooked. For example, the BKT AW 705 is a premium tire designed for balers, trailers, and other implements involved in haulage and soil tillage operations. With its innovative pattern and build, this model ensures excellent fuel efficiency and high durability.

Primarily, the BKT AW 705 benefits from a five rib tread pattern with lateral blocks. The center ribs improve the overall accuracy of the trailer when following the towing vehicle. Hence, they make sure it stays on track and doesn't wobble, especially under high load stress. Next, the zig zag grooves expel water and mud from the footprint, resulting in a lower risk of clogging. Combined with the shoulder channels, they ensure safety in bad weather conditions. Besides, the round shoulders apply a gentle touch on the ground, protecting the crops from crushing.

In addition, the optimized patch width of the BKT AW 705 raises flotation by evenly distributing load pressure on the surface. Its robust sidewalls shield the rim from side impacts, avoiding costly repairs from possible abrasions. They also upgrade the maximum load capacity, allowing for up to 12,350 lbs per single tire, depending on size. Thanks to its complex rubber compound, the tire offers great fuel efficiency by reducing the rolling resistance. At last, this model is available on the US market in many popular sizes with rim diameters from 16" to 22.5".

Features and benefits

  • Excellent agriculture tire crafted for balers, trailers, and implements.
  • Multi rib tread pattern grants the best traction and stability in various conditions.
  • Deep zig zag grooves expel water and mud from the patch for more safety at work.
  • Open shoulders promote regular wear and enhance the cornering precision.
  • Modern rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance to boost fuel efficiency.
  • Tough sidewalls shield the wheel from damage and elevate the load capacity.

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