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In the expansive realm of modern agriculture, the selection of tires stands as a critical decision point. For the best results, choose a trusted brand such as BKT. Meet the AW 708 - a wide base tire engineered for soil tillage, haulage, and hay harvesting applications involving balers, trailers, and other implements.

To kick things off, the BKT AW 708 features seven ribs that increase stability and grip under load stress. Their zig zag design creates plenty of biting edges for maximum traction and performance in harsh conditions. Next, the wide grooves throw water and mud away from the footprint, keeping it clean at all times. Moreover, the open shoulders enhance lateral grip and balance when taking sharp turns, ensuring the trailer follows the towing vehicle accordingly. Besides, their rounded edges protect the crops and soil from crushing by applying a soft touch on the ground. The durable sidewalls support heavy loads without cracking and shield the rim from damage.

Hence, the BKT AW 708 is able to carry up to 14,660 lbs per single tire, depending on size, making it a strong companion for your farm jobs. Its wider footprint evenly distributes load pressure on the surface, resulting in high flotation. In addition, the new rubber compound minimizes wear and tear, extending the service life. It also lowers the rolling resistance as much as possible, leading to decreased levels of fuel usage. For more versatility, this model comes in both tube type and tubeless build options. Same as the other tires in the AW lineup, it is available in different versions such as "HD", "Special", and "Stubble resistant"  to meet more customer demands. At last, this model is accessible on the US market in sizes with wheel diameters of 15.5" and 17".

Features and benefits

  • Powerful agriculture tire designed for trailers, balers, and implements.
  • Wide footprint evenly distributes load pressure on the surface to boost flotation.
  • Multi rib tread pattern grants excellent traction and grip in various conditions.
  • Zig zag grooves expel water and mud from the patch to raise safety and control.
  • Rounded open shoulders apply a soft touch on the ground to protect the crops from crushing.

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