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Farming success hinges on choosing the right tractor tires as they can greatly impact your agricultural operations. With this in mind, we present the BKT Farm 2000 - a durable tractor tire that is ideal for soil tillage. By using the latest technologies coupled with an innovative design, this model delivers excellent performance and higher load capacity.

Firstly, the BKT Farm 2000 features a directional tread pattern that ensures the best traction and surface contact. The overlap design at the center of the patch improves steering accuracy and stability under load stress, giving you full control of the tractor at all times. A high void ratio keeps the footprint clean of ground parts to reduce the risks of clogging or slipping, making your work habitat much safer. Special pads at the bottom of the tread enhance self cleaning and add extra biting edges that boost grip in loose terrain.

In addition, the aggressive open shoulders of the BKT Farm 2000 enhance lateral traction and balance when taking sharp turns. Durable sidewalls offer protection from side impacts to prevent abrasions and costly repairs. Moreover, they allow a single tire to carry heavier loads of up to 6,780 lbs, depending on the size, making it suitable for a wide range of jobs. This model is available in both tube type and tubeless build options, providing versatility and meeting more demands. A modern rubber compound resists chips and cuts, thus extending the service life. At last, this tire is accessible in many popular sizes from 15.3" up to 30" rim diameters.

Features and benefits

  • Trusty tractor tire crafted for soil tillage operations.
  • High void ratio with special pads boosts self cleaning for more safety.
  • Directional tread pattern with overlap at the center ensures the best traction and grip.
  • Robust sidewalls upgrade the load capacity and offer protection from lateral impacts.
  • New rubber compound minimizes chip and cut damage for a longer service life.

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