BKT FL 252

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Various operations require specific tires that are optimized to excel in that area. With this in mind, choose the BKT FL 252 to help you accomplish agro industrial jobs. This model is perfect for rotor rakes and tedders as well as forklifts. If your operations include hay harvesting and logistics, then this tire is a great choice.

To kick things off, the BKT FL 252 features a unique tread pattern that grants superior surface contact and grip. The non directional lug placement offers plenty of biting edges that improve traction and handling performance. In addition, the wide shoulder sipes combined with lateral grooves combat heat buildup, ensuring a longer service life. Besides, the zig zag grooves evacuate water, mud, and other ground elements from the footprint. This reduces the risks of clogging and slipping in harsh conditions, thus raising safety. An open shoulder design adds more lateral grip and enhances the cornering ability, helping you easily take sharp turns, even under high load pressure.

What's more, the BKT FL 252 comes with reinforced sidewalls that offer protection from lateral impacts that could cause abrasions or punctures. Moreover, the tough materials upgrade the load capacity, allowing a single tire to withstand up to 10,825 lbs, depending on size and speed. The advanced rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance, leading to lower levels of fuel consumption. Aside from that, the durable materials minimize wear and tear from constant use. At last, this model is available on the market in many well known sizes with rim diameters ranging between 8" and 15".

Features and benefits

  • Special agro industrial tire crafted for rotor rakes, tedders, and forklifts.
  • Non directional lugged tread pattern grants the best traction and stability.
  • Deep grooves evacuate ground elements from the footprint for more safety.
  • Reinforced sidewalls protect the rim from damage to prevent downtime.
  • New rubber compound cuts fuel usage and minimizes wear to promote longevity.

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