BKT FL 639

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Choose high quality spreader tires to maximize productivity and crop yield. For instance, the BKT FL 639 will help you accomplish your spreading jobs with ease. Thanks to its smart design and robust build, it provides excellent performance in various conditions while keeping the soil intact.

Primarily, the BKT FL 639 comes with a tubeless construction that reduces tire weight and boosts flotation. Also, it holds a secure rim fit, thus preventing needless air leaks and pressure loss. Aside from that, the wide footprint evenly distributes load stress on the surface to minimize soil compaction and protect the crops. A directional tread pattern grants the necessary traction and stability for a smooth operation. The lugs overlap at the center, thus raising surface contact and steering accuracy. Besides, a high void ratio throws ground parts away from the footprint, keeping it clean and reducing the risk of clogging.

Secondly, the round shoulder edges of the BKT FL 639 apply a soft touch on the ground to avoid soil compaction. Also, the open shoulder design adds extra lateral traction while improving the cornering performance. This helps you take sharp turns with ease, making work that much smoother. Its robust sidewalls upgrade the weight capacity. Hence, a single tire can safely withstand up to 25,790 lbs, depending on size, speed, and inflation pressure. With a high quality rubber compound, the tire has a low rolling resistance that improves fuel economy. The materials also resist wear and tear, promoting a long service life. At last, this model is available on the market in many popular sizes with rim diameters of 22.5" and 26.5".

Features and benefits

  • Premium agricultural tire designed for spreaders.
  • Wide footprint with a directional tread pattern improves flotation and traction.
  • Large channels evacuate mud and soil from the patch to prevent clogging.
  • Open shoulders with rounded edges apply a gentle touch on the surface while adding extra grip.
  • New rubber compound lowers fuel consumption and promotes longevity.

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