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Ultimately, the key role of farming tires is to contribute to optimal crop yields. For example, the BKT Flotation 648 is perfect for balers, hay harvesters, and spreaders. By featuring a special design and tough build, this model is suitable for hay harvesting, spreading, baling, and haulage operations.

Firstly, the BKT Flotation 648 comes with a directional tread pattern that is optimal for field and road transportation as it provides excellent traction. The overlap design at the center increases stability and handling precision, helping you accurately maneuver the vehicle. Next, the rounded profile of the tire applies a softer touch on the ground, keeping the crops and soil safe from crushing. Its open shoulders add extra biting edges that improve traction in various conditions. Besides, the grooves expel water and mud from the tread area, thus reducing the risks of slipping or clogging. This creates a safe and peaceful work habitat, ensuring the success of the operation.

Furthermore, the tough sidewalls upgrade the load capacity of the BKT Flotation 648, allowing for up to 31,790 lbs, depending on size and PSI. For maximum flotation, this model features a tubeless structure that also prevents air leaks by holding a safe rim fit. A special rubber compound minimizes wear and tear, extending the service life. It also lowers the rolling resistance, leading to better fuel efficiency. Depending on size, this model is available in different variants such as "Dual Bead" and "HD" to meet more customer demands regarding durability. At last, it is accessible on the US market in a wide range of sizes with wheel diameters from 17" up to 30.5".

Features and benefits

  • Outstanding farm tire designed for balers, hay harvesters, and spreaders.
  • Directional tread pattern with block overlap at the center offers the best traction and stability.
  • Optimized void ratio keeps the footprint clean of ground parts for maximum safety.
  • Available in "Dual Bead" and "HD" versions that grant higher durability.
  • Robust sidewalls shield the rim from damage and upgrade the load capacity.
  • Strong rubber compound minimizes wear and enhances fuel efficiency.

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