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Meet an excellent choice if you are looking for agro industrial tires that give you performance in both worlds. We are talking about the BKT INDUSTRIAL RIB F3, which is a great choice for implement machinery and trailers. Its innovative construction makes it suitable for field and road transport, soil tillage, and other operations alike.

First of all, the BKT INDUSTRIAL RIB F3 is available in various options to meet more individual demands. Specifically, it comes in "Standard", "Stubble resistant", and "Special" options. Next, the tubeless build secures a tight fit of the rim to prevent pressure loss due to unwanted air leaks. Also, the absence of a tube reduces tire weight, thus boosting flotation. Next, the ribbed tread pattern maximizes surface contact, be it on the road or in the field. The center ribs improve the handling performance, making it easier and smoother to take sharp turns.

Equally important, the closed shoulders promote regular wear and enhance the cornering ability. The BKT INDUSTRIAL RIB F3 features four wide zig zag grooves that evacuate water, mud, and soil from the footprint. This raises safety and reduces the risk of slipping in harsh conditions, ensuring maximum safety and peace of mind while working. Besides, the reinforced sidewalls protect the rim from impacts while upgrading the load capacity. Hence, a single tire can safely withstand up to 3,050 lbs, depending on size, speed, and inflation pressure. A modern rubber compound lowers fuel usage and resists wear and tear for a longer service life. At last, this model is available on the market in well known sizes with rim diameters of 15" and 16".

Features and benefits

  • Innovative agro industrial tire suitable for implements and trailers.
  • Ribbed tread pattern increases surface grip and stability in various conditions.
  • Large zig zag grooves expel water and other ground parts from the footprint to boost safety.
  • Reinforced sidewalls elevate the weight capacity and shield the rim from damage.
  • New rubber compound cuts fuel usage for the towing vehicle and promotes longevity.
  • Available in "Special", "Stubble resistant", and "Standard" options for more versatility.

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