BKT LG 306

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When it comes to maintaining your lawn and garden, the right tires are more important than you might think. They ensure smooth and efficient work in your outdoor spaces. For example, the BKT LG 306 is ideal for mowers and small tractors, keeping your turf looking fresh at all times.

First of all, the BKT LG 306 is available in a special option with an "aramid belted" build that enhances durability against punctures. The wide footprint evenly distributes load pressure on the surface, thus raising flotation and minimizing ground compaction. Also, its rounded open shoulders apply a gentle touch to the ground, protecting your turf from crushing. Moreover, a lugged tread pattern ensures the best traction and stability when maneuvering around the garden. A smart sipe placement adds extra biting edges that increase grip and allow for more responsive control. Besides, the high groove ratio boosts self cleaning and reduces the risks of clogging or slipping.

In addition, the robust sidewalls of the BKT LG 306 offer protection from lateral impacts, preventing abrasions and costly rim repairs. What's more, they elevate the maximum load capacity, allowing for heavier loads to be carried. A tubeless build secures a tight rim fit, reducing the chances of getting air leaks and pressure loss. The tire's advanced rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance for better efficiency while resisting constant wear. This extends the service life, promoting longevity. At last, this model is available on the US market in a wide range of sizes from 5" up to 20" rim diameters.

Features and benefits

  • Innovative lawn and garden tire designed for mowers and small tractors.
  • Wide footprint evenly spreads load stress on the surface to boost flotation.
  • Rounded shoulders apply a gentle touch to the ground to minimize soil crushing.
  • High groove ratio improves the self cleaning ability to prevent slipping and clogging.
  • Smart sipe placement adds extra biting edges to enhance traction and grip.
  • Modern rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency.

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