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Every gardener understands the importance of the right lawn and garden tires. They are the key to a beautifully manicured lawn. Meet the BKT LG RIB - your companion for lawn and garden maintenance operations. Thanks to its innovative build and design, this model is suitable for a wide range of mowers and small tractors.

Primarily, the BKT LG RIB features a ribbed tread pattern that ensures excellent surface contact and traction while leaving minimal impact on the surface. Besides, six linear grooves expel water and other ground parts from the patch to increase safety. Thanks to them, you can peacefully tend to your lawn without the risks of clogging or slipping. In addition, the rounded closed shoulders combined with smooth center ribs minimize soil compaction, protecting your garden. A durable sidewall design protects the rim from lateral impacts and upgrades the maximum load capacity.

Hence, a single tire can safely carry up to 1,170 lbs, depending on the size. The BKT LG RIB is available in both tube type and tubeless build options to promote versatility and meet more customer demands. It is also important to mention that this tire comes with a special "aramid belted" structure version that increases puncture resistance. Its advanced rubber compound minimizes wear and tear while keeping the rolling resistance low to boost fuel efficiency. Finally, it is available on the US market in many sizes with rim diameters ranging between 6" and 10".

Features and benefits

  • High quality lawn and garden tire crafted for mowers and small tractors.
  • Linear grooves expel water and ground parts from the tread to increase safety.
  • Ribbed tread pattern offers the best surface contact and traction in various conditions.
  • Rounded closed shoulders minimize grass compaction by applying a gentle touch.
  • Durable sidewalls shield the rim from damage and upgrade the load capacity.
  • Modern rubber compound cuts fuel usage and resists wear for a longer service life.

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