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The significance of selecting the right lawn and garden tires is often overlooked. These humble yet important components are the backbone of your landscaping efforts. With this in mind, we present the BKT LG SMOOTH, a wide base tire with a slick design that maximizes durability and handling precision. Moreover, it is suitable for mowers and small tractors.

Firstly, the BKT LG SMOOTH features a large footprint that offers excellent surface contact and traction. Thanks to that, it effectively and evenly distributes load stress on the ground, thus minimizing compaction. In addition, the rounded shoulders deliver a gentle touch to the surface, protecting the lawn and keeping it fresh at all times. Besides, the durable sidewalls shield the rim from lateral impacts to avoid abrasions and costly downtimes. They also upgrade the tire's maximum load capacity, allowing it to support heavier loads. Precisely, a single tire can carry up to 1,455 lbs, depending on the size.

What's more, the innovative rubber compound of the BKT LG SMOOTH combats slipping in wet conditions, always giving you full control. Also, the tough rubber materials resist constant wear and tear, ensuring a long service life without issues. It is important to mention that this model is available in a special "aramid belted" version that increases puncture resistance for those who demand it. The tire's optimal ply rating of up to 10, depending on the size, keeps the construction light without giving up durability. At last, this model is accessible on the US market in many sizes with rim diameters of 8" and 10".

Features and benefits

  • Premium lawn and garden tire designed for mowers and small tractors.
  • Rounded shoulders protect the grass from crushing by applying a gentle touch.
  • Wide base evenly spreads load stress on the surface to boost flotation.
  • Slick tread design offers excellent traction and handling precision.
  • New rubber compound resists slippage and minimizes tread wear.
  • Tubeless build secures a tight rim fit to prevent air leaks.

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