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The BKT MP 567 is an agro industrial tire that takes versatility to a new level. This multipurpose model is suitable for implement machinery, telehandlers, and universal vehicles. Moreover, its design and build make it ideal for field and road transport, municipality, and maintenance operations.

Starting off, the BKT MP 657 features a lugged tread design that improves traction and grip, regardless of weather. The angled pattern offers the best stability and handling precision, allowing you to navigate a wide range of conditions. Next, the deep blocks minimize wear and bite into the ground without issue, smoothly and responsively propelling the vehicle forward. A high void ratio not only promotes even wear but also keeps the footprint clean. The great self cleaning ability prevents clogging and slipping, creating a safe work environment for the driver. Besides, the large open shoulders add extra lateral grip and make it easier to take sharp turns.

What's more, the tough sidewalls offer great rim protection from potential lateral damage. This decreases the risk of downtime, allowing you to focus on the job. Also, the sidewalls of the BKT MP 657 upgrade the load capacity. Hence, a single tire can easily support weights of up to 12,040 lbs, depending on size and PSI. Furthermore, this model is available in both tubed and tubeless structure options, providing versatility for different needs. A durable and advanced rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance to cut fuel usage. It also resists wear and tear, ensuring a long service life. Lastly, this model is accessible in a wide range of sizes with rim diameters between 15" and 20".

Features and benefits

  • Tough agro industrial tire suitable for implements, telehandlers, and universal vehicles.
  • Directional tread pattern with angled lugs offers great traction and balance.
  • High void ratio prevents clogging and slipping by boosting the self cleaning ability.
  • Durable rubber compound cuts fuel usage and minimizes wear.
  • Reinforced sidewalls withstand heavy loads and shield the rim from impacts.

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