BKT MT 612

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Experience versatility with the BKT MT 612 - a reliable tire designed for universal vehicles. It is the ideal candidate for multipurpose applications that involve various terrain conditions such as mud or sand. With such a trusty model, your transport operations have never been smoother.

Primarily, the BKT MT 612 has a modern tread design that includes broad lugs to tackle any obstacle in the way. The non directional pattern grants the best traction and stability in forward or reverse movement. Besides, the center rib connects the lugs to prevent deformation under high load stress, thus promoting a longer service life. Also, it improves steering accuracy, helping you maneuver the vehicle with high precision. Next, the lateral grooves throw away water, mud, sand, and other ground elements that might clog the footprint. This raises safety and reduces the risk of slipping in harsh conditions, creating a comfortable work habitat for the driver.

What's more, the heavy and large siping on the BKT MT 612 creates plenty of biting edges with the surface, enhancing grip. The open shoulder design with lateral notches improves the cornering performance, helping you take sharp turns without a problem. Its robust sidewall build upgrades the weight capacity, allowing a single tire to handle loads of up to 11,680 lbs, depending on size, speed, and inflation pressure. In addition, a tubed structure simplifies maintenance and adds an extra layer of protection against deep cuts and punctures. Also, the new rubber compound minimizes wear and reduces fuel usage by improving the rolling resistance. Lastly, this model is available on the market in popular sizes such as 14.00-20 and 16.0/70-20.

Features and benefits

  • Multipurpose tire optimized for a wide range of operations and vehicles.
  • Lugged tread pattern offers superior traction and stability in various conditions.
  • Wide lateral channels keep the footprint clean of ground parts to increase safety.
  • Heavy siping adds more grip by creating numerous biting edges with the surface.
  • Durable sidewalls protect the rim from damage and allow the tire to withstand heavy loads.

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