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Invest in high quality tires to prevent unwanted accidents and ensure the best performance in the field. With this in mind, meet the BKT PL 846 - an excellent choice for implement machinery. Thanks to its innovative design and tough construction, this model provides superb results in soil tillage operations.

First of all, the BKT PL 846 comes with an aggressive tread pattern that handles rocky conditions without issues. The center rib and lateral blocks create plenty of biting edges that improve grip and stability when maneuvering. In addition, the deep grooves evacuate various ground elements such as mud and soil from the footprint. This raises safety and prevents clogging in harsh conditions, thus creating a peaceful work habitat for the operator. Aside from that, the open shoulders promote even tread wear and enhance the cornering ability. This makes it easier to take sharp turns and navigate narrow environments.

Besides, the new rubber compound makes the BKT PL 846 a very durable tire. It minimizes wear and tear, ensuring a long service life without problems. Moreover, it lowers the rolling resistance to reduce fuel usage for the towing vehicle as much as possible. Its robust sidewalls shield the rim from lateral impacts to avoid abrasions and penetrations. Besides, the sidewalls allow a single tire to withstand heavier loads, precisely up to 3,140 lbs. A tubed structure adds an extra layer of protection against deep cuts and punctures, further promoting longevity. At last, this model is available on the market in limited sizes with a rim diameter of 9".

Features and benefits

  • State of the art agricultural tire optimized for implement machinery.
  • Aggressive tread pattern makes it ideal for rocky ground conditions.
  • Deep grooves keep the patch clean of mud and soil to prevent clogging.
  • Complex rubber compound minimizes wear and tear to promote longevity.
  • Tough sidewalls shield the wheel from potential impacts to reduce the risk of downtime.
  • Tubed construction adds another layer of protection against deep cuts and punctures.

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