BKT RIB 774 (B)

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Make work easier by choosing a high quality tire such as the BKT RIB 774 (B). This model is great for implement machinery and trailers, providing superior performance and durability. Thanks to its design, transport operations in the field and on the road have never been smoother.

First of all, the BKT RIB 774 (B) is also available in an "HD" version optimized for heavy duty services. The robust sidewalls upgrade the load capacity, allowing the tire to withstand heavy weights. Aside from that, the sidewalls protect the rim from lateral impacts, preventing downtime or costly repairs. The closed shoulders combat irregular wear across the tread, promoting a long service life without worries. Also, they improve the cornering accuracy, helping you take sharp turns with ease. Moreover, the five rib tread pattern maximizes surface contact and balance, minimizing trailer wobbling. The main three ribs upgrade the steering ability for more precision when driving on curvy roads.

Secondly. the deep linear grooves of the BKT RIB 774 (B) evacuate water, mud, and soil from the footprint, decreasing the risk of slipping in harsh conditions. Besides, the advanced rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance, leading to better fuel economy for the towing vehicle. Also, the durable rubber materials increase tread life by resisting wear and tear. A robust casing has high resistance to deep cuts and punctures, allowing for more retread cycles. With a tubeless build, the tire secures a tight rim fit, therefore preventing air leaks. Lastly, this model is available on the market in popular sizes with a rim diameter of 17".

Features and benefits

  • Trusty agricultural tire designed for implements and trailers.
  • Wide linear grooves expel water, mud, and soil from the footprint to increase safety.
  • Closed shoulders promote even wear and improve the cornering accuracy.
  • Tough sidewalls shield the rim from damage and upgrade the load capacity.
  • Advanced rubber compound minimizes wear and tear while boosting fuel efficiency.

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