BKT RIB 774 (C)

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If you are looking for trusty tires to suit your agricultural demands, then BKT is a wise choice. Meet the BKT RIB 774 (C), which is a low section tire designed for farm implements such as balers, trailers, and hay harvesters. Thanks to its build, this model is suitable for on and off road applications, offering high load capacity and long service life.

Primarily, the BKT RIB 774 (C) features a multi rib tread pattern that ensures the best touch with the ground. Specifically, five wide and smooth ribs enhance traction and surface contact, providing high stability under load pressure. Moreover, the center ribs raise the handling accuracy, making sure the implement follows the towing vehicle precisely. In addition, four wide linear grooves expel water, mud, and other ground parts from the footprint, keeping it clean at all times. This drastically reduces the risks of slipping or aquaplaning, thus increasing safety and creating a nice work habitat.

What's more, the closed shoulders of the BKT RIB 774 (C) promote even wear and boost the cornering stability. The tire's rounded profile minimizes its impact on the soil, preventing compaction and protecting the crops. Also, its durable sidewalls shield the rim from damage, avoiding costly repairs in case of impacts. Besides, they also upgrade the load capacity, allowing for weights of up to 8,180 lbs per single tire, depending on size and PSI. At last, a modern rubber compound resists constant wear and tear, leading to a long tread life without issues. On top of that, it lowers the rolling resistance, thus cutting fuel usage and boosting efficiency. Finally, this model is available on the US market in popular sizes with rim diameters of 17" and 17.5".

Features and benefits

  • High quality agricultural tire crafted for balers, hay harvesters, and trailers.
  • Multi rib tread pattern offers excellent traction and surface grip in various conditions.
  • Deep linear grooves keep the footprint clean by throwing water, mud, and other ground parts away.
  • Closed shoulder ribs promote even wear and increase the cornering accuracy.
  • New rubber compound minimizes fuel usage by lowering the rolling resistance.

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