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Flotation is very important for agricultural tires. With a model such as the BKT RIDEMAX FL 690, you will never have to worry about soil damage. This tanker/trailer tire is suitable for transport operations that take place in the field and on roads, offering great performance and longevity.

Primarily, the BKT RIDEMAX FL 690 features a steel belted construction that upgrades durability against deep cuts and punctures. The casing promotes multiple retreads, making this a worthy long term investment. Although it is a road oriented tire, this model handles field conditions with confidence as well. The wide footprint evenly distributes load pressure on the surface, boosting flotation and reducing soil compaction. Besides, the round shoulder edges apply a gentle touch on the surface to prevent crop crushing. An optimized void ratio drains water and prevents mud from building up between the lugs. This minimizes the risk of slipping in harsh conditions, thus raising safety.

Secondly, the BKT RIDEMAX FL 690 comes with a lugged tread pattern to increase traction in various conditions. The optimized block shape creates plenty of biting edges to improve grip and stability. A robust sidewall design upgrades the load capacity and offers protection from lateral impacts. This prevents downtime and allows a single tire to withstand up to 46,460 lbs, depending on size, speed, and inflation pressure. Thanks to its innovative rubber compound, this model has a low rolling resistance, thus elevating fuel efficiency for the towing vehicle. A tubeless structure secures a tight rim fit to avoid air leaks and potential downtimes. Lastly, it is available on the market in popular sizes with rim diameters of 26" and 32".

Features and benefits

  • Great agricultural tire suitable for tankers and trailers.
  • Wide footprint boosts flotation by evenly distributing load stress.
  • Tough sidewalls shield the rim from lateral impacts to avoid downtimes.
  • Advanced rubber compound cuts the fuel usage of the towing vehicle by improving the rolling resistance.
  • Optimized void ratio keeps the footprint clean of ground parts to raise safety.

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