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Choose the BKT RideMax FL 693 M for your field and road transport operations. This model is perfect for those who usually need to switch between on and off road conditions. Moreover, it is suitable for trailers and tankers, offering excellent balance and grip.

Primarily, the BKT RideMax FL 693 M features a unique tread pattern that ensures strong traction and stability. The directional lugged design creates plenty of biting edges with the surface, offering a smooth and responsive ride, regardless of terrain. Besides, the optimized void ratio throws ground elements like mud and debris away from the footprint, thus reducing the risk of slipping or clogging. With an open shoulder design, the tire has better lateral grip, which improves the cornering ability and helps you take sharp turns with ease. A round shoulder edge applies a gentle touch on the surface to prevent soil compaction, keeping the farm fresh all year round.

Furthermore, the robust sidewalls of the BKT RideMax FL 693 M upgrade the load capacity. Hence, a single tire can safely withstand weights of up to 33,730 lbs, depending on size, inflation pressure, and speed. Moreover, a tubeless build boosts flotation and secures a tight rim fit to prevent accidental air leaks. The wide footprint combined with a complex rubber compound minimizes the rolling resistance. This improves fuel economy for the truck, leading to lower costs. Finally, this model is available for purchase in a wide range of sizes between rim diameters of 17" and 30.5".

Features and benefits

  • Amazing tanker/trailer tire suitable for field and road transport operations.
  • Directional tread design with lugs offers the best traction and stability.
  • Optimized void ratio keeps the footprint clean to prevent slipping.
  • Modern rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance to cut fuel usage.
  • Robust sidewalls elevate the load capacity and protect the rim from damage.
  • Wide footprint promotes even wear and boosts flotation.

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