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Your search for a great steering tire that will suit your small tractor ends, because the BKT TF 9090 is here to increase productivity and efficiency. This model is ideal for soil tillage operations, providing the necessary traction and stability. Moreover, it is suitable for trailers, helping you safely transport goods.

Starting off, the BKT TF 9090 features a three rib tread pattern that is perfect for loose soil conditions. They improve the steering accuracy, allowing you to precisely maneuver the tractor across the field. Next, two large linear grooves enhance self cleaning by throwing mud, soil, and other ground parts away from the footprint. This increases safety, lowering the chances of clogging or slipping. Besides, a closed shoulder design combats uneven wear, extending the service life of the tire. It also applies a soft touch on the surface, protecting the crops from crushing while increasing balance when taking sharp turns.

Furthermore, the durable sidewalls of the BKT TF 9090 offer protection from side damage that could lead to downtimes. They not only keep the rim safe but also upgrade the load capacity, allowing a single tire to carry up to 2,600 lbs, depending on size. This model is available in both tubeless and tube type build options to meet a wider range of demands and applications. An advanced rubber compound is here to minimize wear, leading to a longer tread life. Moreover, it keeps fuel usage at its lowest by reducing the rolling resistance. At last, this tire is accessible on the US market in many popular sizes from wheel diameters of 12" up to 20".

Features and benefits

  • Reliable agriculture tire suitable for small tractors and trailers.
  • Three rib tread pattern grants excellent steering ability and balance.
  • Two large grooves expel mud, soil, and water from the patch to increase safety.
  • Robust sidewalls offer protection from lateral impacts and elevate the load capacity.
  • Modern rubber compound minimizes wear and lowers fuel consumption.
  • Available in both tubeless and tube type build options to meet more demands.

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