BKT TR 136 R-1

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As the backbone of modern agriculture, tires play a crucial role in ensuring that tractors operate efficiently. For example, the BKT TR 136 is a great choice if you are looking for durability and performance. It is suitable for soil tillage and haulage jobs, taking productivity to a whole other level.

Primarily, the BKT TR 136 has angled tread lugs that provide great grip and traction in various soil conditions. An overlap design improves stability and steering accuracy, keeping you in control of the tractor at all times. Moreover, special tie bars connect the blocks together to prevent deformation under high load stress, leading to a longer service life for the tire. Next, the high void ratio keeps the footprint clean of ground parts for more safety on the job. This lowers the chances of slipping and clogging. Besides, the aggressive open shoulders further improve self cleaning and offer more lateral traction to raise cornering balance.

Additionally, the tough sidewalls of the BKT TR 136 protect the rim from various lateral impacts that could cause downtimes. Also, they upgrade the load capacity, allowing for heavier loads to be carried. Specifically, a single tire can support up to 6,780 lbs, depending on the size. What's more, the modern rubber formula increases durability against chips and cuts, ensuring a long tread life. This model is available in both tube type and tubeless build options for versatility, meeting more customer demands. At last, it is accessible on the US market in many popular sizes with wheel diameters ranging between 26" and 30".

Features and benefits

  • Premium rear tractor tire crafted for soil tillage and haulage tasks.
  • High tread void boosts the self cleaning ability to increase safety and performance.
  • Robust sidewalls offer protection from lateral impacts, preventing costly downtimes.
  • Overlap tread design grants excellent traction and stability when maneuvering.
  • New rubber compound minimizes wear and tear to extend the service life.

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