BKT TR 270 R-2

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Tractors are the ultimate tool in modern agriculture, and tire choice is critical. For the best results, choose a reliable brand like BKT. Meet the TR 270 - a rear tractor tire designed for soil tillage jobs. Thanks to its optimized design, this model is suitable for wet and moist terrains where traction and stability are crucial.

First of all, the BKT TR 270 features an aggressive tread pattern with overlapping blocks that provide the best grip in harsh environments. Besides, a continuous center rib connects the lugs to combat deformation under high load stress. Also, the optimal lug angle raises traction and handling stability, ensuring maximum safety when taking sharp turns. Next, the tire's high void ratio boosts the self cleaning ability by expelling mud, soil, and other ground elements from the footprint. With such properties, the risks of clogging or slipping decrease, making your work smoother and more efficient.

What's more, the BKT TR 270 benefits from a durable rubber compound that resists chip and cut damage, promoting longevity. In addition, it lowers the rolling resistance, leading to less fuel usage and fewer carbon emissions. The large open shoulders offer extra lateral traction, easily getting you out of muddy situations. Thanks to the reinforced sidewalls that upgrade the load capacity, a single tire can carry up to 8,820 lbs, depending on the size. For more versatility, this model is available in both tubeless and tube type builds. Finally, it is accessible on the US market in a lot of sizes with wheel diameters ranging from 26" to 46".

Features and benefits

  • Innovative rear tractor tire crafted for wet soil conditions.
  • High void ratio enhances the self cleaning capability for maximum safety.
  • Overlap tread design ensures the best traction and surface contact.
  • Continuous center rib binds the lugs together to prevent deformation.
  • Tough sidewalls elevate the load capacity and offer protection from lateral damage.
  • Available in both tube type and tubeless build options for more versatility.

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