BKT TR 459 R-4

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A tractor's performance is linked to the quality of its tires. With this in mind, we present a high quality model designed for a wide range of applications from digging and loading to municipality and maintenance. The BKT TR 459 ensures excellent performance and durability, taking your productivity to new heights.

Starting off, the BKT TR 459 is available in a "Special" version that offers an extended service life. Besides, the rounded profile minimizes ground impact. The angled block design provides excellent traction and surface contact, ensuring full control of the tractor. Moreover, a high void ratio keeps the footprint clean of ground elements to reduce the risks of clogging and skidding. Also, the special engravings at the base of the tread further enhance self cleaning, guaranteeing maximum safety on the job. The overlapping blocks at the center improve the handling stability and responsiveness.

In addition, the BKT TR 459 features reinforced sidewalls that act as a shield against lateral damage, preventing unwanted downtimes. Moreover, they upgrade the tire's maximum load capacity, allowing a single one to carry up to 10,500 lbs, depending on the size. A tubeless structure secures a tight rim fit to avoid air leaks that would hurt productivity. Thanks to its innovative rubber compound, the tire has an extended tread life along with great fuel efficiency. Finally, this model is accessible on the US market in well known sizes from 20" to 30" rim diameters.

Features and benefits

  • Premium rear tire designed for industrial loaders and tractors.
  • High void ratio keeps the footprint clean of ground parts for more safety.
  • Overlap tread design improves stability and traction in various conditions.
  • Reinforced sidewalls shield the rim from damage to prevent downtimes.
  • New rubber compound grants high chip and cut resistance for a longer service life.
  • Available in a "Special" version that ensures maximum durability.

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