BKT TR 882

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Although versatility is not the most important thing to consider when choosing a set of tires, it sure is welcome. Meet the BKT TR 882 - a reliable tire designed for various operations and a wide range of machines. From balers to hay harvesters, this model is perfect for agricultural implements, making it safe and easy to transport or harvest.

Primarily, the BKT TR 882 is available in "aramid belted", "HD", and "Special" versions, each having its benefits. This gives customers the freedom to choose what is best for their own individual demands. In addition, the tubeless build secures a tight fit of the rim, thus preventing air leaks and needless downtime. Thanks to its robust sidewalls, the tire can withstand heavy loads without issues. Hence, a single one can support up to 10,030 lbs, depending on size, PSI, and speed. What's more, the wide footprint evenly spreads weight stress on the surface, successfully raising flotation and avoiding soil crushing.

Secondly, the BKT TR 882 comes with a unique tread pattern. It is optimized for various operations, ensuring versatility. The overlapping angled blocks enhance traction and stability, making it easier to traverse harsh terrains. Also, the open shoulders with round edges apply a gentle touch on the ground, protecting the crops from compaction. Aside from that, a high void ratio keeps the footprint clean at all times, therefore reducing the risk of clogging. With a modern rubber compound, this model has a low resistance of rolling, leading to better fuel economy for the towing vehicle. Finally, this tire is accessible on the market in a wide range of sizes with a rim diameter of 15.5".

Features and benefits

  • Versatile implement tire designed for a wide range of farming applications.
  • Durable rubber compound cuts fuel usage and promotes longevity.
  • Directional tread pattern with lugs improves traction and balance.
  • High void ratio keeps the tread clean of ground parts to raise safety.
  • Tough sidewalls protect the rim from impacts and elevate the weight capability.

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