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A well kept lawn or bountiful garden doesn't just happen by chance – it's the result of careful planning and the right tools. One of the most important components is the tire, and a high quality brand really makes a difference. Meet the BKT Trac Master - a specialized model for small tractors and other implement machinery involved in lawn and garden operations as well as soil tillage jobs.

Primarily, the BKT Trac Master features a wide footprint that evenly distributes load stress on the surface, thus boosting flotation. The rounded profile applies a soft touch on the ground, leading to reduced levels of compaction. Moreover, the unique tread pattern with thin blocks ensures excellent traction and surface contact, keeping you moving at all times. The lug's optimized shape creates plenty of biting edges that improve grip without leaving much impact on the soil or grass. In addition, the tubeless structure promotes high flotation while securing a tight rim fit to avoid air leaks.

Secondly, the high void ratio of the BKT Trac Master keeps the patch clean of ground parts, thus minimizing the risks of clogging or slipping. Besides, the innovative open shoulder design enhances the cornering stability, giving you full control of the vehicle at all times. The tire's rounded sidewalls protect the rim from lateral impacts, avoiding needless downtimes. A new rubber compound resists wear and tear, extending the service life. What's more, it lowers the rolling resistance to decrease fuel usage. At last, this model is available on the US market in popular sizes with wheel diameters of 12" and 15".

Features and benefits

  • Specialized lawn and garden tire designed for small tractors and implements.
  • Wide footprint evenly spreads load stress on the surface to increase flotation.
  • Rounded profile protects the lawn from crushing by applying a soft touch.
  • Innovative tread pattern provides excellent traction and grip at all times.
  • High void ratio boosts self cleaning to prevent clogging and slipping.

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