Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus: Pros, Cons, And Ratings

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus: Pros, Cons, And Ratings

The demand for SUVs and Crossovers is constantly growing. Sorry for saying that, owners of coupes and sedans, but this is the truth according to the latest statistics. Consequently, the interest in all-season touring tires is also increasing year by year. These tires are designed to deliver superior comfort, year-round performance, and tread life durability.

In this sense, the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus tires are one of the most remarkable offerings. This model has been mega popular lately. Its popularity is increasing due to its unique features that make it among the best all-season tires. Even if this model is part of the premium class, which is synonymous with an above-average price, it remains among the most favorite among competitors.

What makes them so popular? Is their popularity justified or is it all more about marketing? I propose to stop guessing and look in detail at the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus tire review. This will answer our questions objectively and transparently.

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Specific Features of Dueler H/L Alenza Plus Tires

In its official description, Bridgestone talks about Dueler H/L Alenza Plus tires as a superb offer for those looking for comfort and ride quietness. Likewise, the tire maker promises a phenomenally low rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency as well as an impressive tread life warranty. Let's see how much truth there is in this manufacturer's official promise.

First of all, the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus line is available in a variety of diameters between 16 and 22 inches. In this sense, this is exclusively a touring tire and not a highway truck one. As such, you won't find LT-metric options in this lineup.

Dueler H/L Alenza Plus tires are very "smart". They inform the driver about how effective they are in snowy or rainy conditions. This is possible through Tread Wear Indicators which have the shape of bars in the structure of tire grooves. The more the tire wears, the more visible these bars become. Thus, they inform the driver that the layer that ensures grip and traction in snow and rain gets worn down, minimizing their efficiency in the intended conditions.

Dueler H/L Alenza Plus Mileage

Dueler H/L Alenza Plus tires are not expected to wear out anytime soon. That's because Bridgestone is extremely generous in its durability and offers a warranty of up to 80,000 miles. The warranty is, in fact, dependent on the speed rating of the tires. As such, models rated T, H, and V will offer a warranty of up to 55,000 miles. Those with a W speed rating enjoy a guarantee of up to 80,000, respectively. Either way, the longevity of this model is impressive, which is one of the strong advantages of these tires.

Performance Aspects of Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

I must mention that Bridgestone is proud of this model. Among other things, this is one of the most representative models of recent years. And it's obvious why. Bridgestone has an impressive department of R&D specialists. They constantly research and develop ideas, prototypes, tire technologies, and manufacturing techniques. As it seems, the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus tires are the product of all the results that the R&D department has achieved lately.

Let's leave the theory aside and delve into all the features of these tires. Thus, we will be able to better understand the value of this expert department for the Bridgestone tire maker.

Steering Response And Handling

The Dueler H/L Alenza Plus model includes notched shoulder blocks and continuous center ribs. The purpose of these features is to dramatically increase responsiveness while driving. While this technique offers many advantages, it is not unique to Bridgestone tires. Many other manufacturers employ the same technique in the design of their tires.

As such, we cannot talk about a stellar feature, but rather, about a common one in most all-season tires. With this in mind, the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus offers a responsiveness that is perhaps much better than average, but certainly not unique in its way.

In this sense, these tires will offer drivers a pretty nice and up-to-the-mark responsiveness. These will not disappoint in their feedback to inputs and on-center feel. However, I must mention that there is room for improvement in terms of a more spirited response.

For example, the Dueler HP Sport tires, another Bridgestone product, offer a somewhat stronger and more agile performance profile in terms of handling and steering feel. But this is only valid in summer conditions. If you put Dueler HP Sport tires in winter conditions, they will lose their charm.

Traction And Grip On Dry Surfaces

Let's move on to an aspect more important than the responsiveness of the tires: their traction and grip. You are probably wondering why I consider them more important. Well, for the simple reason that they are directly proportional to road safety, especially in conditions of long travels.

The tire maker has integrated its remarkable and reliable all-season rubber into the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus model. This premium component combines 2 important aspects which are the durability of the tire and its traction/grip.

As a general rule, these 2 aspects go head to head. Tire makers usually have to sacrifice long treadwear in favor of traction or vice versa. Precisely for this reason, most tires do not enjoy a high-standard cornering grip.

However, Bridgestone has demonstrated that there are solutions for this problem through its Dueler H/L Alenza Plus tires. These provide pretty nice driving dynamics in terms of traction and grip. In this sense, the tires accelerate firmly and respond even more firmly to the braking maneuver. Moreover, this model promises the shortest braking distances in its class. The compound and anatomy of the tires work together to provide decent cornering, even a little more decent than other all-season offerings do.

Traction And Grip On Wet Surfaces

Bridgestone decided to opt for a symmetrical tread pattern in Dueler H/L Alenza Plus tires. According to the tire manufacturer, this design is the most optimal for increasing comfort and noise control. However, the tire maker sought to ensure good performance in wet conditions. For this purpose, Bridgestone added side sipes and notches. These help the circumferential grooves to drain the water that accumulates in the tire structure.

With such a design, the tires are not only stable in wet conditions, but also offer strong resistance against hydroplaning. As a result, drivers pass steadily and confidently over wet surfaces even in heavy rain conditions.

But that's not all. The traction of these tires on wet surfaces is admirable. This translates into an impressively agile acceleration as well as fast, and most importantly, safe braking. They offer confidence even in cornering whenever you have a reasonable speed. Once you enter the corner too quickly, you may feel a slight understeer.

Traction And Grip in Snow And Ice

Many drivers get confused by all-season tires. Many tire manufacturers promise year-round performance, including in light winter conditions. However, the truth is that the number of all-season tires that are really viable in snow is fairly small. As a result, few of them perform as close to a winter tire. In most cases, they are mainly intended for mild snow weather conditions.

With these in mind, it is curious to know in which category the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus model is found. I won't keep you in suspense for long and I will reveal that they are quite viable, but not in all snow conditions. As such, they deliver nice traction and will bring you home safe and sound. Braking abilities are also above average, compared to other in-class tires. However, this is valid whenever you maintain a reasonable speed and the snow is not bigger than a couple of inches.

Grip and traction are lost with the increase in the level of snow on the roads. In this case, I recommend switching to specialized winter tires because the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus does not promise stability and safety in harsh winter conditions. Moreover, you should avoid at any cost to drive with them on icy surfaces. You would rather ski with them than drive stably and firmly. For superb ice and snow traction in extreme conditions, you better check some studdable options.

However, I have to defend these tires. After all, poor snow traction is a natural and absolutely common characteristic of most all-season offerings. So, nothing surprising in the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus's lack of deep snow performance.

Traction And Grip In Off-Road Conditions

Every owner of a crossover or SUV will want to know about the properties of his tires in off-road conditions. And I hasten to answer this concern. I do not recommend opting for this model if the conditions you usually drive are off-road. The point is that Bridgestone created them specifically for paved surfaces. It's not a problem if you drive on surfaces with slight gravel, but not more than that.

First of all, Dueler H/L Alenza Plus tires have a fairly soft compound. This was needed to increase their elasticity and comfort. As such, driving on off-road surfaces will severely damage their anatomy. These lack the necessary casing protections, which will allow the stones to destroy their structure.

Secondly, their architecture does not provide the traction and grip necessary for off-road conditions. Consequently, you will have a poor driving experience accompanied by loss of control and stability.

If your goal is to drive safely in off-road conditions, the Dueler A/T Revo 3 is a much more viable option. Expect a lower level of comfort. Instead, you will experience impressive durability and strength.

Noise Control And Comfort

Taking into account that modern SUVs are becoming more and more quieter, tire makers put enormous effort so that the tires meet expectations. In this sense, the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus model demonstrates how quiet modern tires can be. Bridgestone totally nailed it with advanced noise control and comfort technologies. As such, these tires provide great noise suppression levels at lower speeds and are completely discreet on highways. What impresses drivers even more is that they are not at all loud on rough surfaces.

As for the comfort, well, this was Bridgestone's number one priority when it created them. As a result, I can only note the gliding effect of Dueler H/L Alenza Plus tires on small road imperfections. In addition, larger potholes do not pose a great challenge for them either, as the tires "swallow" them smoothly, leaving behind only an enormous pleasure of the driving experience. 

Bridgestone Tires: FAQs

Are Bridgestone Tires Good Quality?

You can totally trust this tire maker because it is renowned for superior quality. This brand is the leading tire manufacturer in various categories like the variety of products, their durability, and the advanced technologies integrated into them. Bridgestone emphasizes superior performance in any road condition while maximizing fuel efficiency. In addition, comfort, riding quietness, as well as solid stability in various conditions are among the main characteristics of Bridgestone tires. In a word, this tire maker is one of the best on the market.

Is Bridgestone Alenza A Good Tire?

The Alenza all-season touring line stands out for superior comfort, impressive quietness, and high-class touring performance. These tires scored high ratings in various tests and reviews from the drivers who use them. The price of these tires might be slightly higher compared to other touring models. But, according to the feedback of the majority of drivers, the price difference is completely justified by higher smoothness and performance.

Is the Bridgestone Alenza a Quiet Tire?

Bridgestone stands out for its advanced technologies. One of them is the QuietTrack™ technology that ensures superior quietness and high comfort. These tires are among the smoothest and quietest in the category. In addition, Alenza stands out for its impressive tread life. All these features make Alenza tires among the most popular in terms of premium driving experience.

What Are The Pros And Cons of the Alenza Plus Tire?

The Alenza Plus tire stands out for:
Exceptional traction and grip for a touring tire
Premium comfort, quietness, and riding smoothness
Standout design and wide size availability
Generous durability

The shortcomings of the Alenza Plus tire are limited to:
Mediocre snow traction and confidence in heavy winters. After all, this is an all-season tire, which means that the snow performance is limited only to light winter conditions. Winter-dedicated tires are a more reliable option for heavy winters with deep snow.

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