Bridgestone 265/40R18 XL POTENZA RE050 OE

Manufacturer: Bridgestone

Bridgestone Potenza RE050

This model is an ultra-high performance summer tire from Bridgestone designed especially for drivers of all types of sports cars, coupes, and premium sedans. It comes with a unique high grip tread compound, molded into a directional tread pattern to boost acceleration, braking, and cornering performance.

The continuous center rib and larger tread blocks have a role to ensure steering response and tire stability on the road. Due to circumferential grooves, along with lateral grooves, the aquaplaning resistance becomes lower by better water evacuation under the footprint for increased wet traction.

This tire has a special internal structure with twin steel belt construction reinforced by a spirally-wrapped nylon belt. The Bridgestone engineers are focused on low rolling resistance to deliver long life and efficient fuel consumption.

The Potenza RE050 is available from 17 to 19-inches with speed ratings of W and Y. This tire is also available with a built-in rim guard.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced summer tread design.

  • Built-in rim guard.

  • Above average wet handling.

  • Twin steel belt construction provides extra durability and strength.

  • The best braking and acceleration in this class.

  • Wide circumferential grooves and lateral grooves reduce aquaplaning risk.

Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
gmCode 89049248
Load Range XL
utqg 140 A A
Sidewall BL
Section Width 265
Aspect Ratio 40
Rim Size 18
Overall Diameter 26.34
Load Rating 101
Speed Rating Y
Weight 28
Overall Width 10.7
Tread Depth 11
Revolutions Per Mile 783
Model Name POTENZA RE050

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