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Centara is one of the few producers on the market that know how to put the right price on valuable products. For example, their Terrena A/T is an affordable all season and all terrain tire that fits perfectly on SUVs and light trucks. Due to the aggressive pattern, it ensures strong year-round traction even through the harshest domains. The modern patch design is sure to surpass all expectations.

Primarily, it benefits from open shoulders with sipes to upgrade traction on all surfaces. The staggered block pattern also boosts its power and grip, making sure the vehicle gets out of any situation. An advanced tread formula offers extra biting edges in deep mud and loose terrain. Moreover, these elements are resistant enough to protect the inner structure from danger. The innovative footprint design not only balances loads along the whole surface but also manages to keep itself clean with no mud or slush stuck inside the grooves.

Furthermore, the ideal block pattern allows for stable surface contact even during heavy off-road usage. Durable sidewalls offer responsive steering and driving safety, therefore increasing tire life. Two large linear grooves combat water and snow buildup for increased traction and braking power during rain and snow. A reinforced internal structure keeps the tire shape intact under load pressure, thus allowing for reliable delivery of goods. The optimal siping distribution ensures the best traction under all conditions. Besides, the low rolling resistance that Terrena A/T offers allows for great fuel efficiency.

Above that, Centara backs their customers with a 90 days money back warranty. This model is available on the US market in some popular sizes, ranging from 15" to 17" rim diameter. With all these benefits, the tire is a great fit on cars like Chevrolet Express, Dodge Ram, and Ford Ranger.

Features and benefits

  • Strong and affordable all terrain tire that does the job no matter the weather.
  • Aggressive tread design improves traction on soft and uneven surfaces.
  • Open shoulders minimize heat buildup and boost lateral grip.
  • Innovative footprint pattern allows for driving stability under load pressure.
  • Responsive steering and vehicle balance at even 112 mph due to durable sidewalls.
  • Large circumferential grooves ensure no water or slush remains in the tread.
  • Modern patch compounds offer high resistance to external damage.

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