Pirelli Cinturato P7 (P7C2)

This model is a high-performance summer eco-tires designed to provide low rolling resistance, enhanced noise pollution, and the best-wet braking performance.

It comes with compact central tread blocks and sturdy outside shoulder areas with the purpose to deliver responsive steering and enhanced vehicle stability and control. The P7C2 has a modern tread compound added to increases resistance to wear but also offers the best dry grip with sporty handling and the shortest dry braking distances. Four wide circumferential grooves enhance water evacuation under the tire footprint providing a safe and comfortable ride.

One of the most highlighted technologies used by Pirelli in the production of Cinturato tires are:

  • SEAL INSIDE™ is a new tire innovation that allows driving on without losing air pressure.

  • RUN FLAT™ helps to provide greater control of the car in emergency conditions and allow the driver to continue driving even during a rapid loss of air pressure.

This model is used as Original Equipment for big car manufacturers like AUDI, MERCEDES, and VOLVO. Pirelli Cinturato P7 is available from 16 to 19-inch sizes backed by a limited treadlife guarantee.

Features and benefits

  • Summer tread design.

  • Eco-friendy product.

  • Innovative technologies are available on this tire model: SEAL INSIDE and RUN FLAT.

  • Innovative chamfer design to reduce braking distance. Grooves shapes optimization for reducing hydroplaning risk.

  • Innovative design and materials to provide a new level of performance in different conditions.

  • Increased pitch sequence for acoustic comfort and less noise pollution.

  • Flat profile for lower rolling resistance and regular wear.