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    DOUBLE COIN REM-12 (L-5)

    Double Coin REM-12

    This model is a durable radial OTR tire developed to show optimum performance in off-road environments offering extended tire life and long-term retreadability. This tire stands out with its aggressive tread model designed to promote superior traction, safety, and smooth ride experience in off-road applications. It is designed to be mounted on a mining loader and many industrial vehicles used in severe mining and logging applications.

    The REM-12 comes with a cut and chip-resistant tread compound molded into a non-directional design that provides superior traction, road stability in severe rock mining applications. Due to the multi-function tread pattern with a unique center block, this tire promotes powerful grip and more grip in a wide variety of conditions. Double Coin engineers use a wide footprint that delivers improved pressure distribution for uniform treadwear and extended tread life even in mining and logging applications. The model shows approximately the same performance as Goodyear RL-5K, Michelin X Mine D2, and Bridgestone VSDL.

    For safety reasons, this model has trustworthy casing construction combined with cut/chip resistant tread designed to add more durability for a controlled and confident working experience. Revolutionary pattern offers superior traction in sand, stone, mud and other surfaces. Double Coin uses innovative groove geometry to promote high aquaplaning resistance by better water, mud, sand, slush evacuation from under the tire contact patch, providing the best braking and traction performance in off-road conditions.

    Double Coin REM-12 is available in 25-inch sizes, with an 84/32, 116/32, and 126/32nds tread depth engineered to increase the carrying capacities and wear performance. It is one of the best OTR radial tire options for a wide range of mining loaders and other mining vehicles used in industrial applications.

    Features and benefits

    • Durable radial OTR tire developed for a wide range of mining loaders.

    • Non-directional tread design provides enough traction, grip to perform in severe rock mining applications.

    • Trustworthy casing and cut/chip resistant tread compound promote additional load/driver safety.

    • Extra deep tread compound for casing durability and long original life.

    • Special groove geometry reduces the risk of stone retention/drilling.

    • Trustworthy sidewall improves carrying capacities and casing integrity.

    • Wider footprint promotes the best traction/braking characteristics in off-road conditions but also delivers superb pressure distribution.

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