Doublestar tires

DoubleStar history

DoubleStar is one of the largest Chinese tire manufacturers founded in 1921. It has two production bases in Qingdao and Shiyan. In the beginning, the rubber company was focused on the production of footwear, but after that, it purchased the Chinese Green Tires, the company started to design and develop tires. The Double star is known for its revolutionary technologies used in the production of their products. It stands out with its large range of colored tires. To produce colored tires was a serious task for engineers because the carbon black gives longevity, it is difficult to develop tires with similar properties in colors other than black.

An important event was in 2018 when they purchased a controlling share of Kumho around 45% of the South Korean tire manufacturer. After years the Chinese company received a good reputation around the globe for the production of quality and affordable tires for a large range of trucks. DoubleStar is the tire supplier for many Chinese car brands such as FAW, Sinotruck, and JAC, exporting to more than 140 countries worldwide.

Most popular Double Star tires

The goal of DoubleStar is to continually develop and improve its product line-up. DoubleStar products received all the necessary certifications as ISO/TS16949, ECE, DOT, INMETRO, but also the QMSC and CCC.

One of the most outstanding tires for passenger cars is the DOUBLE STAR DS810. This model is available from 17 to 19-inch sizes, coming with a unique tread pattern which provides high-speed cornering performance and comfort at the same time.

When it comes to tires for the all-wheel position of a bus on city road and highway the most recommended models are DOUBLE STAR HR366 and HR569. These tires were designed to deliver excellent traction, a high level of comfort, but also excellent fuel efficiency.

If you are looking for an off-road tire with a special tread pattern which gives excellent grip and long tread life then the HP071, DSB071, and DSB707 can be the best option.

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