Dynacargo Y211

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If you want great performance and durability from your truck tire, then the Dynacargo Y211 is a great choice. This is a mixed service truck tire that finds its use both on/off highway roads. It goes on the drive axle and has premium materials that all work together to enhance the driving experience.

Firstly, the Dynacargo Y211 has a ribbed tread pattern which creates more edges that can bite into the road surface, giving the truck better hold, especially on slippery roads like those covered in rain or light snow. This pattern maintains good control not just when moving straight but also when turning, braking, or accelerating. This is important for the safety of the vehicle and other road users too. Moving on, the abrasion resistant compound makes the body more durable against rough surfaces. It helps the tires last longer, even when they roll over harsh roads or carry heavy loads.

Secondly, speaking of loading capacity, the strong shoulders help maintain up to 6,175 lbs per single tire, depending on the size. Equally important, the sipes increase gripping power at higher speeds. They also make the driving experience smoother. They allow the wheel to flex a bit more, which can soften the ride, making it less bumpy for the truck's cargo. Furthermore, the circumferential grooves throw away water and reduce the risk of sliding. And, the closed shoulders help the vehicle stay more stable while driving and turning. Finally, the available sizes on the US market come in a 22.5'' rim diameter option.

Features and benefits

  • Amazing commercial truck tire that goes on the drive axle.
  • Ribbed tread pattern increases traction and stability.
  • Smart sipe placement allows for better gripping power when braking or at higher speed.
  • Circumferential grooves throw away water and reduce the risk of sliding.
  • Closed shoulders promote stability when you take a turn.
  • Abrasion resistant compound offers protection from incoming damage.

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