Firestone TURF AND FIELD G-2

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It is very important to choose high quality tires for your specific jobs. Doing so will maximize productivity and efficiency, leading to higher yields. For example, the Firestone Turf & Field G2 is a trusty tire designed for tractors and implements involved in various agricultural operations on delicate grounds.

Primarily, the Firestone Turf & Field G2 has a wide footprint that raises flotation and reduces soil crushing. This way, your crops and turf will stay safe from harm. Next, the optimal block placement provides excellent traction and stability, especially on hills. Special tie bars on the center blocks connect them to prevent deformation from high load stress. Moreover, a high void ratio enhances the self cleaning properties of the tire, thus reducing the risks of losing control in slippery conditions. Also, the rounded shoulder lugs apply a gentle touch on the surface to further reduce its impact on the turf.

In addition, the tough sidewalls of the Firestone Turf & Field G2 protect the rim from impacts and punctures to prevent downtimes and costly repairs. A new rubber compound minimizes wear and lowers the rolling resistance, leading to less fuel usage. Besides, the low profile helps with traction and stability, especially when working on uneven terrain. The tire's shock-fortified nylon cord body offers high durability against impacts and bumps, ensuring a long service life. A tubeless build holds a tight rim fit to prevent air leaks that would hurt productivity. Lastly, this model is available on the market in sizes with a rim diameter of 15".

Features and benefits

  • Durable agricultural tire designed for tractors and implements.
  • High void ratio keeps the footprint clean of ground parts for maximum safety and control.
  • Lugged tread pattern offers superior traction and stability when maneuvering.
  • Rounded shoulders apply a gentle touch on the surface to reduce soil compaction.
  • Wide footprint evenly spreads load stress to promote higher flotation.

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