Goodyear EAGLE GT II

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Goodyear Eagle GT II is a performance all season tire developed to meet the needs of many drivers of sports cars, coupes, performance pickups, and SUVs. This model combines classic styling and the best all season performance.

For instance, we should mention that this model benefits from a silica infused rubber compound shaped into an optimized tread design. Due to its innovative design, the Eagle GT II delivers predictable handling, ride comfort, and confident year-round traction on both dry and wet roads, but also performs in wintry conditions, even in light snow. Goodyear Eagle GT II features an aggressive pattern with independent blocks. Wide and stable shoulder tread blocks with full depth lateral grooves improve cornering capability, thus offering superb wet traction. With a special center design, this model received hundreds of biting edges designed to boost light snow capability. When it comes to the tire's internal structure, it presents twin steel belts reinforced by strong nylon. As a result, this model provides more strength and durability to improve high speed capability. While polyester cord body plies enhance ride comfort for relaxed driving.

Goodyear Eagle GT II can be found on the market in two major sizes: 275/45R20 and 285/50R20. It is one of the most suitable tires for GMC Yukon, Lexus LX, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Cadillac Escalade.

Features and benefits

  • Premium quality all season tire with great speed capability.
  • Advanced rubber formula remains flexible and smooth during the winter season for high traction performance.
  • Wide shoulder blocks with three rows of independent center blocks provide precise steering and high traction power.
  • Available with black or open white lettering sidewall designs for sporty and contemporary styling.
  • Optimized pattern coupled with polyester cord body plies enhance ride comfort.
  • Durable and strong casing construction support tread area offering high speed durability.

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