Haida tires

Haida tires keep the world moving forward. Above all, we should point out that Haida Rubber Group Co. Ltd simply known as Haida is one of the leading Chinese tire manufacturers. This is specialized in the production of a complete lineup of tires for passenger vehicles, SUVs, trailers, and commercial trucks. In general, Haida products are mostly known for high quality and low budget. Due to their low price, reliable performance, and good warranty, Haida tires becoming more and more popular each day.

In the production of their tires, engineers use the latest manufacturing processes and the best raw materials. In other words, all their products are the result of years of research, development, and quality tests. Before Hainda tires arrive on the market, these are subject to multiple tests. Only after passing tests, can be sold. For example, Haida tires have the following certifications:

  • ISO/TS16949 (quality system)
  • GBT28001 (occupational health and safety)
  • China compulsory (3C)
  • U.S.A DOT
  • Europe ECE
  • Nigeria SONCAP

Haida has about 15 series of tires and about 600 different sizes, thus covering and meeting the needs of all types of customers. This brand supplies tires in around 90 countries including North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Moreover, they have a great relationship with the following companies: Cherry Motor, Changfeng Yangzi, Shanghai Iveco Commercial Vehicles, Changan Motors, and Changhe Motors. In the section below we will talk in detail about the most highlighted models from their lineup.

Best Haida PCR tires

Prepare to experience the road like never before with a great set of high performance tires. If you want a great alternative tire for expensive products, we highly recommend the Haida HD921. This model is an advanced summer HP tire crafted for high speed enthusiasts looking to redefine traction, control, and exhilaration. It uses a special rubber compound shaped into a directional pattern design. Four linear grooves, massive shoulders, and heavy sipes work in tandem to offer excellent traction and grip on paved roads, but also deliver high cornering stability. A wide footprint with an optimized design provides safe and comfortable driving experiences during the summer seasons. Continous center rib and advanced internal casing keep the vehicle stable, even when taking sharp turns. Best of all, strong sidewalls protect the tire from curb damage and offer a stylish look to your car.

Whether you're embarking on a long road trip or navigating your daily commute, you can enjoy a comfortable journey, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joys of driving. With this in mind, the Haida HD828 is one of the best all terrain tires on the market. It is an all season light truck and SUV tire able to handle heavy loads on many types of road surfaces, offering a smooth and pleasant ride at the same time. Haida HD828 features a durable rubber compound shaped into a lugged tread pattern. Therefore, it ensures superior traction capability and uncompromised safety. While innovative center block design offers the necessary grip to improve the overall acceleration and braking performance. Armored sidewalls shield the tire from lateral hazards, but also absorb road shocks for increased tire longevity, and safe ride.

Best Haida TBR tires

When we talk about the most popular and trustworhty trailer tires from the Haida lineup, it is crucial to mention the Haida HD182. This model is a great all season tire designed for trailers with applications on the highway. In the production of HD182 engineers worked closely to design a fuel efficient, durable, trustworhty, and long lasting product, and they succeeded. It benefits from an advanced tread compound shaped into a five rib pattern with an optimized design. Four linear grooves and heavy sipes reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Moreover, HD182 has special stone ejectors that prevent rocks from damaging the rubber by drilling into it, thus increasing the service life of the tire. Closed shoulders offer better steering control and keep the trailer balanced. While strong carcass supports heavy weight pressure, thus upgrading the load capacity to 4,080 lbs per single tire, depending on the size.

In conclusion, if you want a new set of tires that provides reliable performance and has a great price quality ratio, Haida tires for sure is the best deal for you.

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