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If you are looking for strong tires that are specifically designed for different road conditions in regional areas, then Leao is a great choice. For example, their D905 is a drive position tire that suits medium distance pickup and delivery applications.

First of all, the Leao D905 comes with a unique lugged tread pattern for maximum traction on tougher regional surfaces. Thanks to the special positioning of the blocks, a higher load capacity can be achieved, supporting up to 7,390 lbs per single tire. The wide and deep grooves reduce aquaplaning risks by throwing away water from the patch area, offering a safer and smoother driving experience. Special stone ejectors minimize irregular wear due to their enhanced durability against rock drilling. Also, the open shoulder design combats heat buildup and improves lateral traction for easier navigation.

In addition, rounded sidewalls protect the rim from road hazards to extend the tire's service life. They also fight off lateral forces to provide better handling in sharp curves. Moreover, the advanced rubber compound helps to lower the rolling resistance, thus using less fuel. The optimized sipe distribution adds plenty of biting edges for more stability. Also, the strong internal structure supports load pressure and promotes multiple retread cycles. The Leao D905 comes in many popular sizes on the US market, including 245/70R17.5, 285/70R19.5, and more. To fit a wider range of applications, different ply rating options and speed indexes of J, L and M apply.

Features and benefits

  • Durable drive position tire for regional pickup and delivery services.
  • Wide grooves expel water and debris from the tread area for better handling.
  • Solid blocks offer strong traction and surface contact.
  • Rounded sidewalls provide great rim protection to increase the tire's lifespan.
  • All new rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance and minimizes damage from cuts.
  • Optimized sipe distribution adds many biting edges for more stability and grip.

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