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Logging application tires are designed to provide maximum traction and durability in various conditions, including muddy or steep roads, and rocky terrain. In this case, the Leao D950 is a great choice. This is a drive position tire that suits short haul logging operations.

In particular, this model has a modern tread pattern with strategic block placement to guarantee good traction and grip. Smooth navigation and stability are made possible by the ability of the lugs to easily bite into the road. Moreover, the large number of grooves throw away water from the patch area, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. A longer service life is provided by the sturdy rubber compound, which performs admirably in a variety of settings and surfaces. Yet, this rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance that results in less fuel use. Moreover, a design with an open shoulder prevents heat buildup and boosts truck balance in sharp curves.

Furthermore. the Leao D950 benefits from stiff sidewalls that shield the rim from damage, increasing the tire's life. The strong interior built with steel belts supports high load pressure and resists punctures for multiple retread cycles. In addition, this model delivers superior steering and braking performance, allowing for safe work. Also, special stone ejectors prevent rocks from drilling into the rubber, protecting the internal structure. This model is available on the US market in two popular sizes which are 11R22.5 and 11R24.5. The optimal ply ratings and speed symbols apply to these sizes, proving that this tire is trusty.

Features and benefits

  • Premium drive position tire for short haul logging operations.
  • Innovative tread pattern with lugs provides strong traction and surface contact.
  • Modern open shoulders combat heat buildup to extend the life of the tire.
  • Durable sidewalls grant rim protection to reduce wear.
  • Strong internal build supports load pressure and promotes many retread cycles.
  • Advanced rubber formula ensures performance on various surfaces and conditions.

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