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If you are looking for a strong replacement tire for pickup and delivery applications, then Leao is your friend. For instance, their new F820 is an affordable all position model that is designed specifically for regional work.

Firstly, the Leao F820 features a modern five rib tread pattern to ensure the stability of the truck and powerful traction. Four wide grooves with an innovative design throw away water from the patch area to offer a smooth driving experience in rainy weather. Special stone ejectors at the base of the grooves prevent rocks from damaging the rubber to increase the lifespan of the tire. Closed shoulders with a ladder design promote even wear and improve lateral traction for easy driving on regional roads.

Secondly, the Leao F820 has durable rounded sidewalls that offer rim protection for a longer service life. On the interior, reinforced steel belts resist punctures to allow for numerous retread cycles. Besides, the internal structure supports heavy load pressure, carrying up to 7,390 lbs per single tire. Moreover, the optimized sipe distribution adds extra biting edges to boost traction and balance on uneven surfaces. Besides, the advanced rubber compound helps to reduce fuel costs by lowering the rolling resistance. Additionally, this model is available on the US market in many well known sizes including 225/70R19.5, 255/70R22.5 and others. To fit a wider range of applications, several ply rating options and speed indexes of J and M apply, depending on the size.

Features and benefits

  • Premium all position tire for regional applications.
  • Modern tread pattern provides superior traction and road grip.
  • Wide grooves enhance the self cleaning ability for better surface contact.
  • Complex rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance to reduce fuel usage.
  • Strong internal build promotes numerous retread cycles.
  • Stiff sidewalls protect the rim to extend the service life of the tire.

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