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Tires for mixed service applications are specifically designed to function in a wide range of settings, including both on and off road situations. With this in mind, Leao has the perfect tire for you - LLA38. This is an all position model that suits dump trucks, cement mixer trucks or any other vehicle involved in mixed service work.

Starting off, the Leao LLA38 takes advantage of a lugged tread pattern that delivers excellent surface contact and traction in tough environments. The solid blocks bite into the ground with ease, thus offering a smooth and safe driving experience. A high void ratio enhances the self cleaning ability of the tire, keeping it free of debris or water for constant road grip and lower risk of control loss. Also, the closed shoulder design with notches boosts lateral traction and promotes even wear.

Additionally, Leao LLA38 comes with rounded sidewalls that have protector ribs, shielding the rim and the interior from damage. This results in a longer lifespan of the tire and minimal maintenance costs. Moreover, the advanced rubber materials resists chip and cut damage while providing a lower rolling resistance. Together with the optimized placement of lugs, fuel usage is reduced and so are company costs. The strong internal structure with tough steel belts offers protection from punctures, therefore promoting many retread cycles. Best of all, this model is available in limited sizes that are optimal for mixed service vehicles, such as 385/65R22.5, 425/65R22.5, and 445/65R22.5. A strong ply rating of 20 and a speed symbol of K apply to these sizes, depending on them.

Features and benefits

  • Strong all position tire for mixed service work.
  • Aggressive tread pattern ensures superior traction and road grip.
  • High void ratio provides more safety both on and off the road.
  • Stiff sidewalls shield the rim from damage to extend its service life.
  • Reinforced internal build promotes numerous retread cycles.
  • Durable rubber materials resist chip and cut damage.

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