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Leao took commercial tires to a whole new level with their products. For instance, the new LLD37 is a drive position model designed specifically for semi trucks involved in medium and long haul applications.

Primarily, the Leao LLD37 features a more aggressive tread pattern with lugs that offer superior surface contact and traction. This design is perfect for regional roads, because of the solid blocks in the center. They also evenly distribute load pressure, allowing for weights up to 7,160 lbs per single tire. Moreover, a high void ratio enhances the self cleaning ability, providing constant road grip and lower aquaplaning risk. Besides, the construction of this tire allows for a long service life, thus minimizing maintenance costs. An optimized placement of sipes adds extra biting edges that deliver better road grip and braking ability.

Secondly, the Leao LLD37 benefits from an open shoulder design that combats heat buildup to deliver increased mileage and tread life. Furthermore, it promotes even wear and boosts the steering ability, allowing for smooth driving even through the sharpest corners. This ability is further enhanced by the rounded sidewalls that combat lateral forces and shield the rim from damage. The internal structure provides more retread cycles due to its durability against punctures. Also, the strong rubber compound offers a lower rolling resistance, thus using less fuel. Best of all, this model is available in very popular sizes such as 11R22.5, 295/75R22.5 and 11R24.5. Note that to fit a wider range of customer requests, several ply rating options and a speed index of M apply.

Features and benefits

  • Premium drive position tire for regional and long haul work.
  • Innovative tread pattern with lugs provides great traction.
  • Rounded sidewalls combat lateral forces to boost performance in curves.
  • Advanced rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance to reduce fuel usage.
  • Strong internal build promotes many retread cycles.
  • High void ratio offers better self cleaning ability for more safety.

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