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Are you looking for traction, stability, and fuel efficiency? Then Leao has something for you. Their new LLF86 is an all position tire designed for trucks that work medium and long haul jobs.

Primarily, the Leao LLF86 features a special tread pattern with lugged ribs that ensure superb surface contact and road grip. Four wide grooves with a unique design reduce the risk of aquaplaning by throwing away water from the patch area. Besides, the state of the art groove shape prevents rocks from drilling into the rubber, thus lowering maintenance costs. Also, cross rib micro grooves together with 3D sipes provide plenty of biting edges for superior traction and vehicle stability. The modern closed shoulders enhance road contact and promote even wear, resulting in a longer lifespan of the tire.

Secondly, the Leao LLF86 benefits from a durable rubber compound that reduces damage from chips and cuts. Also, combined with the optimal tread depth, it reduces the rolling resistance, resulting in less fuel usage. Rounded sidewalls shield the interior from road damage and combat lateral forces, allowing for more stability while steering. Moreover, a strong internal structure with steel belts prevents punctures, offering numerous retread cycles. Furthermore, the optimized tread pattern delivers a shorter braking distance and more responsive steering for maximum control of the vehicle. Finally, this model is available on the US market in one very popular size which is 215/75R17.5. With this size comes a ply rating of 16 and a speed index of J, which are very important aspects to consider.

Features and benefits

  • High quality all position tire designed for regional and long haul use.
  • Unique groove shape provides strong water dispersion for more safety.
  • Optimized sipe design adds many biting edges for better traction.
  • Innovative closed shoulders promote even wear and offer stability in sharp curves.
  • Durable rubber materials deliver a long tire lifespan and lower rolling resistance.
  • Solid internal structure allows for many retread cycles.

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