Mastercraft AVENGER G/T

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Mastercraft hits its leading spot on the US market of tires. It is a subsidiary of Cooper Tire & Rubber and produces premium products for its customers. And so, the Avenger G/T is one of the best in its league. Being an all season performance tire, it gets the job done every time when equipped on passenger vehicles, SUVs, and muscle cars.

For the starting point, let's speak about the special tread compound used here. Because of it and the unique center rib design, the necessary grip is achieved, along with the braking and accelerating power. Then, the full depth sipes are here to add even more traction in dry, wet, and winter weather. Moreover, the wide circumferential grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning by evacuating water from the exterior of the Avenger G/T. Equally important are the semi open shoulders that together with the sidewall design protect the lateral part from incoming damage. Also, the full loading capacity of 2,183 lbs per tire and max speeds up to 118 mph become achievable due to its advanced features. Moving on to the internal part, a resistant casing with a steel belt package doesn't allow puncture penetration.

Also, Mastercraft gives the customer 50,000 miles worth of treadwear protection warranty. According to the reviewers, Dodge Charger, Honda Civic, and Toyota Corolla are some of the best vehicles to use with the Avenger G/T. The Avenger G/T is here on the US market in many available sizes, starting from P215/70R14, and finishing with P295/50R15.

Features and benefits

  • Premium tire for passenger vehicles and all season use.
  • The special tread compound design provides a comfortable, safe and quiet ride.
  • The unique siping technique delivers the necessary traction any time of the year.
  • Wide grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning by evacuating water and debris.
  • Modern semi open shoulders help with the stabilization of the vehicle and improve steering in corners.
  • A generous warranty of 50,000 miles improves the connection between the manufacturer and the customer.

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