Michelin 225/70R19.5 G XZE


Michelin XZE

This model is an exceptional all-position commercial tire developed to show performance when it comes to the demands of high scrub and spread axle service offering uniform tread wear, more steering responsiveness, and mileage. It is designed especially for regional transport and line haul routes providing safety, extra mileage without compromising fuel efficiency.

The XZE model comes with an anti-cut/chip compound molded into an optimized tread pattern that presents a five-rib with an extra-wide contact patch for better pressure distribution and more stability on the road. One of the most highlighted innovations used by Michelin engineers is a perfect combination between groove bottom protector and variable pitch groove walls designed to add extra casing durability.

For safety reasons this model has four circumferential grooves designed to provide high aquaplaning resistance by better water and slush dispersion from under the tire footprint, improving excellent handling performance at the same time.

This model gained extra protection from impacts and curbing offered by special full-width elastic protector ply and curb guard features. Due to the Rectangular Bead Bundle used by Michelin engineers, the tire stabilized the entire bead region and minimized fatigue in order to extend casing life.

Michelin XZE is available from 19.5 to 22.5-inch sizes backed by long-lasting treadwear being one of the best all-position/trailer tire options for a wide range of commercial vehicles used in freight transportation.

Features and benefits

  • Innovative robust all-position tire.

  • Anti-cut/chip tread pattern.

  • Miniature groove wall sipes for longer tread life.

  • Four wide circumferential grooves reduce hydroplaning risk and improve handling performance.

  • Solid shoulders, beefy and optimized design for smooth, even wear in high-scrub service.

  • Extra protection from impacts and curbing is offered by special scallops and curb guard features.

  • Rectangular Bead Bundle and Groove Bottom Protector for extra casing durability.

  • Latest technologies improve rolling resistance, fuel efficiency, and CO2 emissions.

  • Optimized tread pattern manages the road's hazards.

Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
gmCode 89036763
Sidewall BSW
Section Width 225
Aspect Ratio 70
Rim Size 19.5
Overall Diameter 32.2
Load Rating 128/126
Speed Rating L
ply Rating 14
Load Capacity Single 3970
Load Capacity Dual 3750
Max Inflation Pressure 110
Weight 60.9
Approved Rim Width 6.00, 6.75
Measuring Rim Width 6.0
Overall Width 8.9
Tread Depth 17
Static Loaded Radius 14.9
Minimum Dual Spacing 9.7
Revolutions Per Mile 646
Model Name XZE

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