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In the world of motorcycle drag racing, where every millisecond counts, front and rear tires are the dynamic duo that riders depend on. Let's get to know Mickey Thompson's lineup for motorcycle drag racing - the ET Drag Motorcycle. This one consists of four different tires designed in many popular sizes that satisfy lots of demands. With such a powerful set of tires, you are guaranteed to set records and win your races with style.

The difference between the four models

Starting with the Mickey Thompson ET Drag Motorcycle 3073M - a rear position model with a wide footprint that secures the best contact with the surface. Its slick tread design leaves no gaps between the rubber and the road, thus maximizing traction and grip. Besides, the rounded sidewalls combat lateral forces created at higher speeds, keeping you balanced at all times. They also protect the rim from various lateral impacts that could scrape it, preventing needless repairs.

Next, the second installment in this lineup comes with a reduced footprint width in comparison to the previous one. The ET Drag Motorcycle 3053M and 3158M also feature a slick tread design that maximizes traction and torque. What makes it different from the 3073M is its special sidewall design that leaves space for wider wheels. It effortlessly handles the weight of the vehicle and that of the driver, having no negative impact on performance.

Moving on to the third set of tires in this line - the ET Drag Motorcycle 3221 and 3222. They come with a slick footprint as well, as it is proven to work the best in drag racing. The tire's reduced patch width makes it suitable for specific motorcycle models, providing versatility. Besides, the narrow sidewalls give your ride a new look by highlighting the rims. Thanks to its optimized build, your motorcycle will perform at its maximum limits.

Now, Mickey Thompson's ET Drag Motorcycle 3210 is very different from the others because it is designed for the front axle. The small profile grants the best handling accuracy, keeping you in control of the bike at all times. A slick footprint maximizes grip and traction, working perfectly with the rear tire to smoothly propel you to victory. Its well thought structure ensures pin point steering responsiveness for the best performance.

What they have in common

All the models in this lineup have white letter sidewalls that enhance the looks of your ride. Their durable build offers dependable protection from any side damage that might harm the wheel. Moreover, the advanced rubber compound requires little to no burnout to get you rolling at your best. It quickly warms up thanks to its modern formula. What's more, the rubber ensures a consistent sticky grip on the surface, completely removing the risk of skidding in dry conditions. Also, the light weight bias construction lowers the rolling resistance, thus boosting the fuel economy. In addition, this combats any forces that work against the tire, rolling smoothly the instant you accelerate. Finally, this lineup is available in many popular sizes from 15" up to 18" rim diameters.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent lineup of tires designed for motorcycle drag racing.
  • Advanced rubber compound quickly warms up, requiring little to no burnout.
  • Light weight build lowers the rolling resistance for maximum performance and fuel economy.
  • Durable sidewalls offer protection from lateral impacts to prevent costly wheel repairs.
  • Slick footprint provides the best contact with the surface, maximizing grip and traction.
  • White letter design on the sidewalls upgrades the looks of your ride.

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